Palinoteca de referência CTBS Pollen Database: documentando e disseminando o conhecimento sobre a diversidade polínica

Patrícia Maria Oliveira Pierre, Aline Colle Schimidt, Ana Caroline Basniak Konkol, Rogério Kormann, José Floriano Barêa Pastore


Reference pollen collection CTBS Pollen Database: documenting and disseminating knowledge about pollen diversity

Reference pollen collections are repositories of pollen grains preserved that can be used in biodiversity studies, natural resource management and environmental recovery programs. In Brazil, pollen collections that represent the diversity of plant species are scarce. This work aims to describe the stages of the creation of the reference pollen collection (CTBS Pollen Database), as well to report the current phase of this collection. This study is part of to the extension project "Creation of the reference pollen collection CTBS: documenting the plant diversity" that has been carried out in the UFSC-Campus of Curitibanos. The data obtained and included in the collection will be disseminated to the community through publications in scientific journals and on a virtual page, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge about pollen diversity, providing subsidies for studies in the several areas of knowledge and promoting research and extension actions through access to its collection.


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