Ecosystem: eletrorganics experimentations as tools for social and environmental awareness, in Sorocaba-SP, Brazil.

Maiara Begalli, Ricardo Guimarães, Hudson Augusto, Fernanda Scur, Walter Barrella


This paper reports the use of organic and electronic experiments as tool for environmental awareness, in the city of Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil. The research was made in SESC Sorocaba, in the Internet free area, in a project called Lab Livre: Experimentações EletrOrgânicas, between September and November 2012. There 27 people participated, including: 4 seniors, 9 adults, 12 children and 2 teenagers. Despite the heterogeneous public, all participants reported interest in developing similar projects and that the process has added new knowledges and environmental perspectives.

Keywords: open technologies, environmental awareness, experiments, Sorocaba, Brazil


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