Territorial beahaviour of Littorina flava at supralittoral zone of rocky shore at Jureia-Itatins Ecological Reserve – Peruibe – SP, Brazil

Brunna da Silva Vianna, Fabio Giordano, Paloma Sant'Anna Dominguez, Walter Barrella, Milena Ramires


Rocky shore is an environment that has a vertical gradient distribution of resources and environmental conditions. Grazer periwinkle, such as the Littorinidae can move in search of better environmental conditions. This study examined the territorial behavior of Littorina flava that was monitored for two days in a rock fragment. Individuals moved primarily to wetter areas and shaded as tidepools, crevices and at the base of the rock during the day. We conclude that the diversity of microhabitat and food availability influences the abundance of organisms.

Key words: microhabitat, homing, rocky shore, Littorinidae, Gastropoda.

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