The introduction of seeds "terminator" in Brazil and the principle of environmental legal notice

Wanda Shumann Racanicchi, Robson Bastos da Silva, Fabio Giordano, Marcos Tadeu Tavares Pacheco


This paper discusses the ethical questioning about the lack of technical and scientific knowledge for entry today in Brazil of terminator seeds, called suicide, since you can not even prove the safety of using these seeds. Every time we advance in science and technology, needs arise for further advancement in the areas that concern human life and becomes critical to biosecurity protection of the laws for the good life and live. There are no adequate and proven studies on this topic and the only certainty is that if you have different opinions about the risks of manipulation of plants and can cause problems to nature and human health. Should be placed as essential, when talking about terminator issue discussed currently in the National Congress of Brazil, the memory of the Precautionary Principle proposed in Rio 92 Conference. There is also a moratorium on this technology signed in 2000 in Cartagena and protecting biodiversity, Note is an urgent need to reject these seeds, to prevent future damage, because the results of current research on the topic can not yet be assessed with certainty. Preserving nature and healthy food is a human right in the ethical pursuit of a better way to live.

Keywords: Terminator seeds; Biosafety Law. Ethics. The precautionary principle.

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