Endangered birds from the trach and the around of the Bonete Beach community – Ilhabela – SP

Carlos Venicio Cantareli, Marcelo Dutra, Jaroslav Turan


Ilhabela municipality, located in the north coast of São Paulo, is passing through an intense process of real estate speculation. The south coast of the municipality is still an unspoiled region, with a rich biodiversity that owns various endangered and endemic species. One of the projects that can bring an impact significant to the local biodiversity is the possible building of a road that intends to connect Ponta da Sepituba to Bonete Beach in a distance of 12 km. The current project subsidizes the Public Ministry (Brazil) in Public Civil Action that follows legal channels in Ilhabela, selecting destroyer actions in the trail and choosing not to build the road. It is being developed some researches in this region, among them the survey of the avifauna emphasizing the endangered species. The Brazilian territory has one of the richest avifauna in the world. The Atlantic Forest Biome owns the biggest amount of endangered fowls constituting a priority area to actions that intend to avoid the extinction  of species. The researchers have to indicate which species are under a great risk of extinction, what the environmental necessities are to maintain viable population, what the impact of this extinction is and in what areas can be found species, habitats and endangered community. Until now, 143 fowl species were found; among them 15 are endangered and 2 new occurrences for Ilhabela list, observed between March, 2012 and October, 2013.

Key words: endangered fowls, conservation, ecology, real estate speculation.

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