Observation techniques in studies of mammalian ecology field.

Rogerio Martins, Maurici Lara Dias, Walter Barrella, Fabio Giordano


The diversity of mammals in Brazil is one of the largest in the world, but some orders of this group are still little known today. Field activities are essential for students to broaden their search perception of ecology with Neotropical mammals, and also to increase the efforts of science in making surveys of mammals in areas where studies are incipient or nonexistent. Some methodologies are described and discussed regarding their efficiency and applicability to facilitate the tracking and identification of these animals in forests. Also follows a list of equipment needed for expeditions, as well as a record field ready to record data in the field. Examples of work and questions are accompanied by indications in the literature on suggestions analysis of abundance and frequency of species, the use and distribution environments.

Key word: mammals, class field, tracks, visual censos.

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