Diversity and Structure of fish market in Santos, SP.

Maria do Carmo Silva Catarino, Mariana Clauzet


The study aimed to characterize the fish market in Santos-SP. The Fish Market has fourteen boxes of fish and is located at the Plaza Gago Coutinho s/n, in the Ponta da Praia region. Thirteen visits were made between March and May 2014 to obtain direct observations and to apply semi-structured interviews about commercialization. The results show that the average monthly cost of a box rental is R$ 15.455,00; the fish is stored in boxes mainly in water covered with ice and remain available for sale for a two or three days. A total of 35 fish species identified by the popular name given by traders were listed. Of these, the ten most common species are: salmão (21%), pescada (18%), cação and sardinha (10%), tainha (8.1%), anchovas, congrio and corvina (7.3%), namorado (6%) and porquinho (5%). The species with the highest average price for the sale was the salmon (R$/Kg 33,00) and the lowest is the sardinha (R$/Kg 6,25), existing a variation of R$ 2,00 and R$ 10,00 per Kilo of the amount paid to the supplier (fishermen and fishing companies) and selling to final consumers in the market for all species. The fish is primarily sold “in whole peaces" (67%), and the main consumers of fish are Santos residents (55%). It was concluded that there is a great diversity of fish in fish market. The results of the main consumers of the local fish, indicating that the Santos residents are enables the market demand. As for the conservation of fishery products traded, which may indicate poor sanitary conditions.

Keywords: Fishing resources, Fish trade, Santos.

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