The incidence of epiphytic bryophytes and cardinal orientation: Ethnoecology in Juréia Itatins (SP)

André Freitas, Ariane Pera Moraes, Walter Barrella, Milena Ramires


The study was conducted in the Ecological Station Juréia – Itatins (EEJI) in the municipality of Peruíbe / SP, which examined a etnoecológica information that the incidence of epiphytic bryophytes in only half of the face of a trunk tree indicates the position of South Cardinal, since this group of plants search moist and shaded areas. Using a cardboard template and a compass, were measured the degrees of angular deflection in 35 individuals collected and by averaging these data, it was possible to prove the veracity of the popular affirmative, which is extremely important in survival situations in the woods without guidance equipment.


Epiphyticbryophytes, cardeal guidance, local knowledge, ethnoecology.

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