The Socio-ecological system of selected Brazilian small-scale fisheries

Carlo Venicio Cantareli, Milena Ramires, Alpina Begossi


Small-scale fisheries are very important food producers in Brazil.  In this study, we focus on analyzing ten variables relative to SES (socio-ecological system) for the small-scale fisheries of Fernando de Noronha Island (NE Brazil), Itaipu, Niterói, Grande and Gipóia Islands and Ihabela Island (Bonete, São Paulo State) (SE Brazil). From this analysis we perceive that having local leadership is a necessary, but not a sufficient condition, to take collective actions. Thus, we need to better understand what factors are obstacles to collective action for local governance. We observed similarities among the communities studied, especially concerning the users and the nature of the resource.

Key words: Atlantic Forest, Brazilian fisheries, Governance, Small-scale fisheries, SES (Socio—Ecological System)

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