Environemntal analysis of students of a college of Paranaguá-PR in promoting the sustainable development

Fernanda Ribeiro Freitas, Cristiane Ramon Sampaio, Karina Gonçalves Capeti, Walter Barrella


One of the challenges of urban environmental sustainability is the awareness that this is a process to be followed and not something definite to be achieved. Thus the aim of this study was to analyze the environmental performance of the students of Prof. Mª State College of Lourdes Morozowski located in the city of Paranaguá - PR . a quantitative survey was conducted on the following topics: water, waste, energy, mobility , noise , sea , forest, biodiversity , organic agriculture and external spaces of the school. It was found that the best performance of primary students is the theme water and lower the theme organic farming , the best performance of high school students was the subject of energy and the lowest performance in the forest theme.

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