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The electronic Journal Unisanta Science and Technology is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal published every six months at the University Santa Cecilia – UNISANTA (ISESC). Its purpose is to disseminate the knowledge generated in the area of science and technology, as a teaching resource and source of information leading academic research, teachers and students of the scientific community. The plurality of themes spanning accepted by the magazine provides extensive coverage of issues related with science and technology.  The electronic Journal Unisanta Science and Technology combines the ease of access and submission of scientific papers with the prompt response to publication and the large range of dissemination of the papers once it is indexed by the system OJS (Open Journal System).

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Vol 1, No 1 (2016): Published by: Universidade Santa Cecília (ISESC)

Table of Contents


Device for the formation of the Core Annular Flow vertical duct for oil well PDF
Hissan Abdul Basset Khatib, Marlene Silva de Moraes, Aldo Ramos Santos, Deovaldo Moraes Junior 1-8
Failure Analysis of the Pipe used in a Heat Exchanger generated by the acting of a Safety valve PDF
Nestor Ferreira Carvalho, Sergio Figueiredo Pereira, Willy Ank de Moraes 9-16
Deployment project for large-scale production line: Case study to project a Pickling line PDF
Vitor Caio de Almeida, Marcos Tadeu Tavares Pacheco, João Inácio Silva Filho 17-23
A computational analysis using MatLab in fluid mechanics directed to the law of affinity and its applications PDF
Hermes Cancio Santos, Dorotéa Vilanova Garcia, Aldo Ramos Santos, Marlene Silva de Moraes, Karina Tamião de Campos Roseno, Deovaldo Moraes Júnior 24-28
Failure Analysis of Titanium Spray in Service with Sodium Hydroxide PDF
Antonio Pousa Neto, Donizeti Pires Fernandes, Yago Reitz de Castro, Patrícia Pala Diniz, Willy Ank de Morais 29-36
System for detection of Fuse Burn Internal Capacitors used in Bank of Power Distribution Substation PDF
Alexandre Shozo Onuki, Bruno de Souza Nascimento, Lenon Loureiro Martins, Márcio Oliveira Filho, Nikoly de Fátima Horn Augusto 37-43
Application using the Automated Financial Staff of SMS Bank Tool to update System Automatic PDF
André Rascio Dini, Andrews Fernandes Egas, César Augusto da Silva, Kaique Oliveira da Silva, Maurício Neves Asenjo 44-50
Managing Emerging Hazardous Wastes in Brazil PDF
Anália Araújo Macedo, Luís Paulo Sant'ana 51-53

ISSN: 2317-1316