Bacterial corrosion on tanks of kerosene and aviation gasoline

Luiz Carlos Dias, Aldo Ramos Santos


The carbon steel tanks are industrial equipment, mostly used for the storage of kerosene and aviation gasoline. These hydrocarbons are stored for long periods under conditions of temperature and pressure in the presence of water favoring the growth of bacteria which cause corrosion in carbon steel. In this work, was studied the emergence and corrosion of pitting in carbon steel ASTM A-283 Gr C, a tank with a capacity of six million gallons that stored aviation gasoline at the city of Cubatão. The bacterial corrosion focused mainly on the plates of the tank bottom, because the gas-water interfaces. The reduction in the thickness of the sheets were measured with equipment ultrasound, which showed a significant reduction in thickness, compromising the useful life of the equipment, resulting in the application of a biocide on the surface for elimination of bacteria infected and overlapping the new bottom plates tank.

Keys word: bacterial corrosion, carbon steel tanks

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