Variação Sazonal na Artropodofauna de Solo em Fragmento de Mata Atlântica no Litoral Sul do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil

Glauber Souto, Willianderson Lima, Nágila França, Narita Seixas, Francis Paiva


Seasonal Variation in the Arthropodofauna of Soil in Fragment of Atlantic Forest in the South Coast of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

This study aims to present information about the arthropod
 community in a fragment of Atlantic forest in the state of Rio
Grande do Norte, as well as to present information about the
seasonal variation of the studied community.
The research was carried out in Mata Estrela, located in the
municipality of Baia Formosa-RN from June 2017 to January 2018.
 The collection was carried out by means of pitfall traps containing
 70% alcohol. During the study, we observed a significant
difference between the diversity and abundance of soil
arthropods. However, a greater sample effort is required,
and the use of diverse field protocols to infer more accurately
about the seasonal patterns of arthropods.

Keywords: Seasonality, Tropical Forest; Arthropod

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