An expertise critical overview on biotechnology and biodiversity in Brazil

Wanda Shumman Racanicchi, Robson Bastos, Fabio Giordano


The aim of this study was to do a bibliographic search and gather opinions byinterviewing researchers about the great diversity in Brazil, Biotechnology potencial politics use and identify difficulties and facilities in results for technical-scientific growth. Specialists enhance the need to own biotechnology and industry to develop national products; partnership with international organizations to use our biodiversity resources in a sustainable manner. It is relevant to increase by stimulating partinerships with the private sector as occurs in first world countries.  Today, there is more opening for interchange to other countries. It is necessary to cultivate a broader picture of the scientific search development. It increases, but in a low rate, even though the country is featured in the 10 world’s largest economies ranking. Brazil holds only 2% of the scientific articles production worldwide.  Many papers are not published due to the lack of incentives, of scientific rigour, or even because they are only set in academic journals abroad. An improvement in education starting at elementary school seems to be one of the biggest challenges for a chance in this scenary.

Keywords : Biotechnology. Biodiversity. Sustainability

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