Management of healthcare waste

Isis Arend Da SILVA, Luís Paulo SANT'ANA


Due to risks to health and environment that improperly management and disposal of waste can lead, in the last years has been an international mobilization for implementation of waste management systems. The World Health Organization published in 2014 a document on safe healthcare waste management that offers a guide for elaboration of healthcare waste management systems. According to World Health Organization a healthcare waste management systems consist of 5 steps: segregation, storage, transport, treatment and disposal. With the global pressure the trend is the development of policies around the world and the improvement of management systems. This report covers three main aspects of healthcare waste management that are in featured in the recent literature: First, the structure of the current healthcare waste management system. Second, poor healthcare waste management systems in developing countries. Finally, the importance of National Policy on Solid Waste management for the implementation of healthcare management systems.

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