Owls in the urban environment: study of rescue of injured birds in the central region of the coast of São Paulo.

Alexandre Matos Muniz Matias, Arthur Pérez Aguiar, Ana Beatriz Alarcon Comelli


The Baixada Santista Metropolitan Region is located in an area of ​​Atlantic Forest, on the coast of the state of São Paulo, with phytophysiognomies of a dense ombrophilous forest, restinga forest, mangrove and beach. Its relationship with avifauna is inherently intense, mainly due to the large percentage of areas destined for environmental preservation. The Order Strigiformes is represented by owls, birds of prey with accurate vision and hearing, with over 200 species known, of which 23 occur in Brazil. Despite being common in rural environments, owls are becoming present in the urban environment due to increased availability of food, places for nesting, low numbers of predation and competition, and, above all, due to the degradation of their natural environment. Even though the urban area offers conditions that allow the presence of these birds, cases of accidents caused by anthropic actions involving this group are not rare. The present work had as main objective to clarify and understand the rescue of injured owls in the urban area of ​​Baixada Santista. The data of this research were collected through the analysis of the documentation of the Parque Zoobotânico Orquidário Municipal de Santos, referring to the rescued specimens and sent to the park during the period from 2009 to 2018. In total, 54 individuals were evaluated, with six different species registered. The species with the highest admission rate was Megascops choliba, with 21 individuals. The records showed that there is a greater seasonality of redemptions during the second semester, with greater occurrence in the cities of Santos and Guarujá. The main cause assessed at the entrance of the animals was lethargy, followed by rescue of cubs and physical injury. The recovery rate for the group was considered high, showing a high tolerance for treatment and rehabilitation management.

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