Residues of home insulin therapy in patients at a Santos Polyclinic (SP - Brazil).

Juliana dos Santos Pereira, Walter Barrella


The diabetic patient needs to control his / her blood glucose daily, using syringes, needles and reagent tapes, and other biological residues that must be disposed of properly. The present study sought to observe how to dispose of these residues at the Pompéia / José Menino / SP Health Unit between February 9th and March 26th, 2021. The results presented show fifty-six percent of female patients and forty-four percent of the male gender, being ninety-eight patients aged fifty-one to seventy years, seventy-one to ninety years representing ninety patients representing the two age groups with the largest number of patients, which can be justified by a greater demand for quality of life. The observation showed one hundred and eighty-one patients who did not deliver the waste generated at the health unit. The research made it possible to verify the lack of guidance received by patients regarding the correct disposal of sharps.

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