Consciousness review of São Vicente-SP citzens about transmission, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment and prevention of HPV

Wanderley Alves Almeida, Diana Reis da Silva, Carolina Rodrigues Lincoln-de-Carvalho


The Human Papilomavirus (HPV) is a highly sexually transmitted virus that stands out, besides HIV, among other sexually transmissible diseases (STD´s) around the world (INCA 2009). As a result of contamination emerge injuries in the vagina, penis and/or anus; however, the most cases are asymptomatic or unapparent, making it difficult to detect and favoring the transmission. Therefore, health education is very important in other to inform and educate the population. Meanwhile, for these actions are truly effective it is necessary to know the population perception. The objective of this study was to understand the perceptions of 400 residents of 16 neighborhood of São Vicente (SP), using a questionnaire containing 14 multiple choice questions about transmission, symptoms, diagnosis and HPV prevention. This paper was approved by Ethics and Research Committee (CEP/UNISANTA – nº 260.399). Subsequent to the approval to participate, the questionnaire was applied and their results analyzed statistically using Microsoft Office Excel 2007 program and compared to scientific literature. Therefore, the analysis showed that the respondents perceptions is superficial with gaps with regard to clinical expression, predisposition to cervical cancer and the existence of preventive vaccine. Moreover, almost all respondents reported that campaigns are not efficient and the public sector has to intensify awareness campaigns. Thereby the prevention of new cases is significant, indeed.

Keywords: Evaluation, perception, HPV, population, São Vicente

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