Spatial distribution of bromeliads (epiphytic Bromeliaceae) in the Atlantic Forest APA - Serra do Guararu - Guaruja, SP Brazil.

Pietro Coccaro, Sinval Moraes, Fabio Giordano, Mara Angelina Galvão Magenta


The spatial distribution pattern of the three bromeliad species found within the dense Atlantic Rain Forest of the APA - Serra do Guararú - Guarujá-SP was measured by the index species distribution Morisita (Id). In total 12 plots were analyzed and three species of bromeliads were evaluated Nidularium innocentti; Nidularium biobergioides and Nidularium procerum. The three species showed the Id values ​​greater than 1 (respectively 1.6, 1.4 and 1.5)


Keyword: Distribution of bromeliads; APA Serra do Guararu; Nidularium sp

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