Preliminary survey of avifauna in a remnant of the Atlantic Forest in the municipality of Jesuítas – PR, Brazil

Salete Cinti Lima, Sabrina Cinti Lima, Ronaldo José Piccoli


Brazil has a wide diversity of birds, with approximately 1,919 recorded species. However, the processes of fragmentation, suppression, and alteration of habitats contribute to the decline of bird populations. The survey of species is a fundamental part of conservation. Thus, this study assessed the occurrence of bird species, using the qualitative method, in a remnant of Atlantic Forest in the Municipality of Jesuítas – PR, Brazil. The study was carried out directly and indirectly, with the help of fixed-point and trail-transect methodologies. The sightings were made four times a week, in the morning and afternoon, with three continuous hours in each period, totaling a sampling effort of 318 h. During the period 116 bird species were identified, grouped into 17 orders and 40 families, with no species belonging to exotic, domestic, or endangered fauna. This pioneer study allowed us to know the diversity of the avifauna in a forest fragment in the municipality of Jesuítas, as well as to record the occurrence of previously uncatalogued species in the region. Thus, we emphasize the importance of studies such as this, which provide data for further studies and support measures for the conservation of species.


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