Impacts on the Caiçara livehoods on Diana Island due to Port of Santos

Luiz Antonio Ferreira dos Santos, Mariana Clauzet


This study started from the current port expansion of Santos / SP and its social and environmental impacts on the caiçaras livelihoods in Ilha Diana community who had their way of life changed in the last years. Historically, the caiçaras communities lived by the exploitation of natural resources like as the fish, plants, hunting, etc; This study aimed to investigate what were the changes in the community resulting from the Port Terminal installation and expansion. The study was conducted through literature and documentary research on the construction of the terminals and their negative environmental impacts and visits in the Ilha Diana community. These visits were done to record the local way of life, and meetings with the local leaders to discuss the current problematic of way of life in the community. The results showing that none of environmental projects implemented in contrast to the negative environmental impacts in the island, are in fact an alternative income for the local population. The incipient project "caiçara life" in the community has the transformer potential to do this but it is necessary that Port enterprises and local association gives a correct direction to this project for contribute to improving the quality of life of this community.

Key-words: Port Expansion, Human Ecology, Diana Island.

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