Benthic Chlorophyta on the rocky shore of the Beach Tombo, south coast of São Paulo

Adriana Cristina Guizardi, Karina Amaral Azevedo, André Luís Faccini


The green macroalgae are a dominant group on rocky shores and are traditionally referred to as an opportunistic group occupying impacted areas. The study aimed to: identify the species of Chlorophyta that occur on rocky shores that border the Tombo Beach, Guaruja-SP, confronting them with the instances cited in past studies. The collection period went from May to August of 2008, during low tides. The collected material was fixed, identified and photographed with a digital camera. After the studies the material was herborized and deposited in the herbarium of the Santa Cecilia University. A description was made for each identified species, as well as comments on their habitat, their distribution and cell measures. Fourteen species of Chlorophyta were identified. Four species were first described this area: Cladophora brasiliana, Cladophora lehmaniana, Cladophora sp. and Caulerpa racemosa. The species that stand out among the identified species are Ulva linza, Ulva fasciata, Cladophora vagabunda and Chaetomorpha antennina, found in every month of sampling. Ulva fasciata in a few months came to cover large rocky shore extensions revealing its colonization ability.

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