Analysis of morphological grouping of gender Philodendron (Araceae)

Priscila Candido Baroni, Barbara Gomes Del Rey, Renato Prudêncio, Fabio Giordano


The genus Philodendron is the second largest of the Araceae family, being well-diversified in wet tropical forests. The genus has great ecological importance due to the diversity of habits and distinct patterns of morphology, anatomy and distribution that provides information for taxonomic, ecological and cladistic work. Thus, the present study aimed to propose a hypothesis about the systematic of the genus Philodendron, indicating clusters of some species through cladistic analysis based on morphological data visible to the naked eye. 25 species were randomly chosen based on morphological characters, based on the presence or absence. Data were entered and a dendrogram, based on the Jaccard Similarity index was generated. The methodology proposed could be promising for future study.

Keywords: Philodendron genera. Systematic. Similarity.

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