Identification of the tree structure to obtain new indices for implementation of environmental compensation in the installation of small businesses in Sao Vicente / SP.

Norberto Gomes Vieira


The objective of this study was to present a methodology for obtaining data (parameters) for environmental studies to support the possible compensation plans based on the quantification of the removal of trees and plants to restore calculation, and for both established four plots of sampling 10m x 10m in the main fragments of the study area where we included all trees with CAP> 5 cm revealing different successional stages formed by an average of 312.9 individuals arboreal per hectare in fragments in intermediate stage of regeneration and 309 individuals for individuals in the initial stage of regeneration concluding that the basis of the environmental compensation project for reforestation in this case should have as its main guideline replanting of 40,006 individuals in the form of seedlings or direct seeding (seeds).

Keywords: Environmental compensation; Simple licensing; Quantification of vegetation; sandbank vegetation

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