Environmental sustainability and the real estate expansion in the city of Santos-SP: a diagnosis on their green areas

Patricia Veloso D'Andréa, Fabio Giordano


It is treated of an analytical study of green areas in the coastal city - Santos-SP, that in the last decade (2005-2014) it suffered a fort speculative process of economical and real estate growth. The study was accomplished with the objective of diagnosing the pattern of distribution of green areas for the elaboration of proposals that you/they point guidelines for the creation of new green areas in the city. A rising of the situation was accomplished taking as year base the data obtained in 2013, through the Revision of the Master plan of Development and Urban Expansion of the Municipal district of Santos - Complement Law number 731, of July 11th, 2011, Consolidated Diagnosis, obtained through digital research. The results show that the municipal district of Santos just presents a good average of green areas for inhabitant 16,01 m²/hab when if I included in the calculation the hillsides of the mountain of the Sea (continental area). however, in the urban area (insular area), some neighborhoods present covering very low vegetable. In this study it is detached 34 neighborhoods in the insular area of Santos, that you/they point the use of the strategy of construction of lineal parks in ecological corridors along the public roads as a viable solution for inclusion of the necessary vegetable biota to a maintainable urban atmosphere.

Keywords: Urban green areas, Santos-SP, ecology of the urban landscape.

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