Physico-chemical characterization of soil samples in areas of savanna (cerrado and vereda) in the Catulé River region in Bonito Minas-MG.

Idemar M. Passos, V N de Sousa, D. D. Pacheco, H. R. F. Silva


This study aimed to determine physical and chemical characteristics of soil samples in areas of cerrado and path, in order to determine the agricultural potential of the respective areas , which are common in the micro - region of Januária . Often exploring areas of paths for farmers who seek these environments favorable conditions ( moisture and nutrient availability ) for the development of their cultures ; such as corn, beans , rice, cassava etc. . Soil samples were collected at 0-20 and 20-40 cm depth , considering the environments preserved and degraded paths , and a savannah near the footpath . For each of the evaluated concentrations of chemical elements differ slightly when comparing the 0-20 and 20-40 cm deep. The degraded paths , compared to those preserved , showed significant decreases in soil organic matter, phosphorus , potassium and calcium, indicating loss of soil fertility . The cerrado near footpath possessed very low natural fertility , emphasizing mainly low concentrations of organic matter and phosphorus . Therefore , operation of the cerrado near footpath as a means of environmental preservation of the marshland where the path is located , requires multiple conservation practices and land use, and strategies to raise soil fertility . Practices for controlling erosion in the savannah are also necessary , given its sloping relief, one should include your recommendation as a possible refuge for fauna and flora. It is also important to remember that between 80 and 50 m respectively footpath outside the areas of savannah and are permanent preservation area by law. Find alternative sustainable agricultural development for small farmers still remaining in the path environment, including possible exploitation of native species such as Buritizeiro , is a strong challenge to research and also should not be omitted by the government.

Key words: soil fertility for agriculture; savanna (cerrado); savanna (vereda);

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