Preliminary assessment and comparison of mussel fauna in two areas of José Menino Beach, Santos - SP

Luciano Mazzucca da Gama, Walter Barrella


The objective of this study was to evaluate the diversity of malacofauna in two stretches of beach José Menino in Santos (SP) through shells devoid of soft tissue and check for differences between the sampling sites. Sampling was carried out in January 2015 during the day and low tide, lasting approximately one hour per point. The shells were collected in Jose Menino beach with a length of approximately 800 m in two transects of 6 meters by 400 meters (1 and 2). In the laboratory the shells were identified with specific literature. The diversity of Shannon-Wiener (H ') was calculated and was larger in point 1 (2.022), when compared to point 2 (1,938). By Hutcheson test there was no significant difference between the points (p = 0.599). The Pielou evenness (J ') was higher in 2 (0.842), when compared to point 1 (0.729). This difference can be explained by increased wealth and dominance (0.195) of paragraph 1 at point 2 (0.179). Species richness was assessed by an individual rarefaction curve. We collected 107 specimens belonging to two classes, 12 families and 19 species. The class Bivalvia comprised nine families (75%), 16 species (84%) and 103 samples (96%). The class Gastropoda was composed of three families (25%), 3 species (16%) and four copies (4%). The similarity between points was low (Jaccard Index = 36.84%). Nine species (47.36%) were unique to point 1 and point 2 only 3 species (15.78%) were unique. The two points, although close, are different in composition and abundance of species of shells, probably due to the protection of the island Urubuqueçaba, the emissary, waves and currents. Further studies with larger sample effort should be made on site in order to contribute to the ecological knowledge of the mollusks that inhabit urban areas beaches of Santos.

Keywords: Jose Menino Beach Santos-SP, molluscan fauna, conquiliology.

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