Evaluation of knowledge and applicability of legislation involving the disposal of drugs in drugstores in the city of Santos-SP, Brazil

Ingrid Fonseca Costa, Luciana Lopes Guimarães, Bárbara Gomes Del Rey, Rosany Tsukayama, Walber Toma


Recent decades have witnessed a significant increase in drug consumption worldwide. In this sense, is highlighted Brazil, a country with the largest number of pharmacies across the planet and 4th place worldwide with regard to the consumption of drugs. These data draw attention, since, coincidentally the ease of access and consumption of drugs has also increased more significantly the number of jobs worldwide by detecting the presence of drugs and their metabolites bringing negative consequences to the environment. Part of this context of environmental contamination improper disposal of medicines by the population, and the regular trash, sink and toilets, the main destination routes for disposal. In this sense the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) and the Municipality of Santos-SP (PMS), cast respectively Resolutions 306/2004, 358/2005 and Complementary Law 840/2014, aiming to make local pharmacy outlets officially recognized for collecting no longer used by the population medicines. Data obtained after interviews with 35 pharmacists with technical responsibility for pharmacies located between channels 1-7 in Santos-SP show that the RDCs and the supplementary law are not met in full. In addition, the data show that there is full knowledge by a portion of pharmacists interviewed about such legal directives. It can be concluded that makes up most necessary training of pharmacists from Santos about such legislation related to the environment. The paper also proposed the debate before the councils of pharmaceutical (CRF and LOA) the creation of legislation that determines the inclusion as a mandatory item sentence in drug cases and leaflets advising the population to which refer medicines no longer usable for the pharmaceutical establishments which can make proper disposal, thereby contributing to the reduction of environmental contamination.

Keywords: Resolution 306/2004 and Resolution 358/2005. Complementary Law 840/2014. Dispose of drugs

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