Construção de Gráficos, cálculos matemáticos de mitigação comprobatória, análise discursiva de características específicas das águas naturais, salobras e salgadas da região limítrofe litorânea na cidade de Santos

Claudio Antonio Garcia


This article presents theoretical and practical guidance for research, survey and confirmation data ace fresh water, salt and brackish in the city of Santos, containing investigative questions, collecting 5 liters of water for each type of analysis, identification of certain characteristics of each liquid in order to confirm the surveyed data, targeted calculated the density of each type of this liquid with the objectivity of building representative individualized graphs relating the density characteristics of each type of water and their temperatures; then allowing you to view trends by examining the numbers entered in the respective tables, allowing you to easily observe and discuss the existence of interdependence between natural phenomena variables.

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