Phytosociology of a Mangrove area in Portinho (Praia Grande, SP)

Matheus Mano-Clara, João Marcos Miragaia Schmiegelow


The mangroves have high importance and great structural variability, and this variability related to several factors. This paper aims to increase knowledge of the structure of mangrove forests in Santos. For this, plots were made in a mangrove forest in the region of the estuary of Santos, State of São Paulo coast. The results showed dominance of the species Avicennia schaueriana, who presented density 2880 ± 1585 ind / ha, relative dominance of 44.8% and 161.9 IVI. Differences caused by the construction of a small road on site were observed, so that this fact may have changed the structure of the forest studied in relation to distribution and development of tree species.

Keywords: Mangrove, Phytosociology, Santos Estuary


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