Educação Ambiental: Implantação em uma Escola de Surfe

Irapajy da Silva Caetano, Luciano Mazzucca da Gama, Walter Barrella


The objective of this study is to report the experience of using a surfing school to promote environmental education. The venue was the Radical Surf School located on the beach of Pompeii in Santos - SP, with an average of 1,600 students per year, which serves children, adolescents, adults, seniors and people with special needs. Considering the surf school as a possible place to learn about the environment and ecology (generator themes), teachers for six months proposed to once a week, start or end the class, presenting and discussing with the group of five themes students (pollution, marine animals, canals of the city of Santos, wave forecast and climate) critically, emancipatory and enjoyable. Classes took place with the class the morning period from January to July 2014. The main objective of Surfing Radical School is to teach the culture of this ancient sport and the nuances of the various ways to have fun slipping a wave. Competition, leisure and recreation are part of this educational, cultural and sporting context. Although the classes are heterogeneous aged between 5 and 75 years, at the end of the sixth month everyone already saw the beach and the sea differently from the beginning of their learning. Key words: Environmental Education, Surfing, Physical Education, Beach.

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