Proposta de aula prática em Ecologia Humana: Sustentabilidade Empresarial formando gestores de Recursos Humanos com foco no 3º 'S' do programa 5 'S'

Aurélio Moschin, Walter Barrella


This work is presenting a proposal for a practical class field research for an extension course in corporate sustainability, offered to students of higher education in postgraduate Management and Human Resource Management. The proposal can be adapted to other areas of knowledge who wish to discuss the issue as a way to implement corporate sustainability in disposal of materials programs by 5's program implemented in companies. The article discusses the concepts of the 5'S program as total quality tool used in the organizational environment, as well as the practice developed within the company, focusing on organization and cleanliness and quality of life for its employees. The suggestion proposed is divided into 8 meetings of lectures and practical class research using personal practice in life in which students can see, the importance of disposal and maintenance of 3 'S', the 5'S Program, implemented in companies . The teacher thus promote playful way, using his own personal experience of students in their daily lives at home. The purpose is to develop new knowledge, habits and attitudes as well as having a developer role of training managers committed to corporate sustainability, adversity and environmental issues related to garbage disposal and other solid waste produced by a company.

Keywords: Corporate Sustainability, 5'S Program Field Research, Disposal.

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