Applicability of basic geoprocessing tools in the characterization of recreational fishing and permanent preservation areas in estuarine environments in the State of São Paulo

João Thiago Wohnrath Mele, Walter Barrella, Milena Ramires


The use of basic geoprocessing tools associated with the field of teaching methodology in estuaries and areas of permanent preservation of the State of São Paulo, can contribute to the characterization of recrational fishing developed in this environment, enabling a holistic understanding of natural ecosystems, activities anthropogenic users of this environment and the interrelationships between the physical and biotic environment, enhancing the development of scientific research in the conversation of biodiversity. This paper presents a methodology for using the softwares DataGEO, Geoportal and Google Earth®, with data collected in field study conducted on a boat-school and visitation to a nautical support structure to recrational fishing for Biology undergraduates, aimed at developing knowledge of basic GIS, recreational fishing and permanent preservation areas.

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