Proposta de Trabalho Prático para Quantificação de Resíduos Sólidos nas Praias da Cidade de Santos – SP

Leandro Machado Viana, Olair Rodrigues Garcia Jr., Walter Barrella


The city of Santos, São Paulo coast, features a urbanized beach where only the garden is well preserved, with the presence of buildings, commercial and tourist activity intense. This article seeks to present a Practical Work plan to be developed in the course of undergraduate biology, aiming at lifting the profile of trash found, exhibiting the characteristics and amount of solid material deposited on the waterline of the beach of Santos. The practical work is positive, since the field of Biological Science class in a natural environment can contribute to the learning of concepts as they are stimulus for teachers, who see a possibility of innovation for their work and so engage more students  orientation, and can be an important tool in raising awareness of the new generations.

Keywords: practical work, solid materials, learning, awareness

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