Proposta de aula prática sobre a Dragagem do Porto de Santos e seus impactos voltada a discentes de Logística, Comércio Exterior e Gestão Portuária.

Rafael Alves Pedrosa, Walter Barrella, Mariana Clauzet


This article presents a proposal of classroom practice of field research for teachers in higher education. The proposal has as its focus the courses of Logistics, Foreign Trade and Port Management and can be adapted to other areas of knowledge who wish to discuss sustainability and economic and environmental impacts in their curriculum. The article investigated the impacts of dredging work carried out in the channel of the Port of Santos, caused on the beach of Saints, in port operation and in the life of the community of Góes Beach and offers a suggestion of lesson to be taught in courses of higher education divided into five steps: Lecture classes and classroom practice, field research, presentation of seminar and discussion of the results obtained by the students. This practice is intended to cover the importance of effective management in port processes for students in higher education who are trying to train in the areas of logistics and port management, trainee professionals committed to the country's economy and the sustainability of the natural environment.

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