Waste of fish found in the center of merchantability fishing in Ponta da Praia Santos SP

Carla Vilar Gandra, Walter Barrella


This study aims to analyze the fate of the waste generated in the handling of fish at the Fish Market in Santos. In this study we have two aspects: liquid waste and solid waste. The liquid residue comprises the liquid (leachate) generated in the cleaning of the species for commercialization. Already solid waste is organic material (guts) removed the species in handling cleaning for marketing in the direct selling and cleaning generated by restaurants to final consumption markets. Through visual data collected "in situ" was possible to record the liquid residue is directly involved with the urban drainage, occurred because research performed in "money fish" and "fish boxes Street", both located in the neighborhood Ponta da Praia in Santos. This liquid waste handling, these areas surveyed, travels freely in the urban ride, due to the location of the exposure of the fish to market, and these places are also washed for hygiene, but the grid (drain) that receives this content is connected to network municipal drainage. The city's drainage network that collects rain water (rain) from the urban area. So there is inadequate disposal of liquid rain water (leachate), and the correct disposal to sewer. The solid residue is of large volume, both in the municipal market as the street of the fish, this volume has variations at annual periods, according to interview, with the critical period the months from December to February. This waste is collected in two daily in the municipal market due to the volume times. The final destination of the waste fishing is the same as household waste, as well as restaurants. The final disposal of this material in our region is given in the landfill site of the Snows run properly as solid waste policy. This study was given by the environmental importance of proper waste generated by discarded fishing.

Keyword: residue; fish; disposal.

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