An interactive identification key for trees and shrubs from the Environmental Protected Area of Serra do Guararú – Guarujá-SP

Kellen Delapossa Padovani, Mara Angelina Galvão Magenta


The increasingly threat of suppression of Atlantic Forest vegetation makes urgent studies that support government decisions in favor of its preservation. Therefore, researchers from the Santa Cecilia University carried out a floristic survey in an stretch of the Environmental Preservation Area (APA) “Serra do Guararu”, in the city of Guarujá, SP, which is listed by the Historical Heritage and has the largest group of preserved Atlantic forest ecosystems of the Santo Amaro island. Aiming to expand the availability of information other than scientific journals, usually restricted to the scientific community, this study aimed to the development of an interactive identification key of the species found in the survey, using the Xper2 program and transferring to the Xper3, an online version of the software. For the 44 crafted species, we obtained 37 descriptors and 252 character states and 24 species were illustrated. The interactive key is available on:




Keywords: Biodiversity. Flora survey. Species Identification.

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