Saída de Campo em Costão Rochoso na Ilha de Urubuqueçaba no litoral de Santos dirigida ao Ensino de Tópicos de Biologia e Ecologia Marinha

Claudio A. Garcia, Barbara Del Rey, Taynara Cordeiro, Fabio Giordano, Roberto Pereira Borges


The rocky shores are easily accessible coastal ecosystems, which have enabled important experimental studies in ecology. Information from studies in this environment have been generalized to other types of environments, a brief history of studies on rocky shores of Ecology is presented, besides the description, comments of measurements developed for this type of environment on the Brazilian coast, from especifista together form Urubuqueçaba island near the beach Jose Menino, located east of the island of Sao Vicente, along the border with the municipality of São Vicente. Considering the increase in impacts to this ecosystem and concern for its preservation, highlights the importance of intensification of studies on bodies distribution patterns along environmental gradients of natural large-scale as well as changes in the structure analysis of benthic communities aimed at monitoring before climatic and biological effects of marine pollution changes, and early detection of introduced species

Key words: Costão Rocky, marine biology, marine ecology, Non-Destructive Testing

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