Physical and chemical indicators of quality in different uses a inceptisol

Idemar Passos, Mauro Franco Castro Mota, Deivisson Ferreira da Silva, Thiago Correa Silveira, Vanet Batista de Souza, Valeria de Oliveira Pinto, Marcos Koiti Kondo


The sustainability of natural resources has constituted a topic of increasing importance in recent years, especially in relation to the soil, due to the rapid degradation, primarily by agricultural holding. Aimed to evaluate the effect of different uses in the physical and chemical attributes of a Cambisol in semiarid miner, therefore, collected -If disturbed and undisturbed soil samples at three depths (0-0,2;0,2-0,4;0,4-0,6 m) under Buffel grass pasture, irrigated banana plantation and native forest, using a completely randomized design with three replications. We evaluated the litter dry matter on the soil surface in each cultivation system, the chemical attributes (macronutrients) and physical (bulk density, particle density porosity, macroporosity and microporosity, aggregate stability, geometric mean diameter, mean diameter weighted and texture). Chemical characteristics of the pasture were similar to the forest, since the low nutrient stocks characterized the depressive effect of the banana, mainly in depth. The pasture increased higher organic matter in the soil, especially in depth through the death of the root system, contributing to a higher percentage of stable aggregates> 2 mm in relation to other uses.

Keywords: Soil quality; organic matter; Banana plantation; grassland.

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