Hazardous Waste Management in Japan A report

Luís Paulo Sant'ana


Throughout the world considerable attention has been paid to consent of environmental regulations and the inappropriate disposal of waste that is one of the greatest obstacles faced. These problems steam from the simple fact that waste is useless to both waste disposers and waste management firms (WMFs). Even though Japan is an industrialized civilization, it faces the same concerns that other urban societies also encounter, such as overpopulated cities and pollution issues. In the Japanese constitution minimizing the waste generation is the most important aspect followed by reuse and recycle of materials. Despite  the  fact  that Japan is a  developed  country with  high standards of  technologies and has considerable  waste regulations, hazardous  waste  management  still being  a  great challenge to  overcome. This study provides an overview of the hazardous waste management in Japan and points out aspects related to waste generation, institutional and financial perspectives, and major issues in discussion.

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