Chrono-quantitative analysis of Casuarina equisetifolia rise and dispersion in Ilha Comprida (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Carla Vilar Gandra, Mara Angelina Galvão Magenta, Fabio Giordano


Abstract: This work consists of chronologically analyze the origin of Casuarina equisetifolia insertion and its expansion to the present day, considering that a species originating from other countries and deployed in a disorderly fashion without counting the environmental damage in salt marsh forest in the municipality of Long Island with the presence of this invasive species. For data collection methodology was applied to the environmental photographic history, which uses aerial images with different dates to get a chronological comparison to detect the expansion of assessed species. Through the data collected it is possible to indicate the location of the first casuarina cultivation and position the growth form, both as natural scatter planting, and the use thereof in different periods points that promoted the adoption of these individuals. The characteristics of this species is possible to predict the reason for their introduction on the island because it has qualities as barrier winds, erosion protection, rapid development and its leafy canopy provides large shaded areas. But are not your qualities of concern, but its origin, dominant aspects and adaptable in dune areas. Because it is invasive species, which is not part of the native species of forest sandbank, its environmental risk is of great importance in view of the highly competitive with the environment and its characteristics are focused on the field of space, causing losses and imbalances in the environment in which is inserted the quality of the environment and the preservation of native forests without disturbance from human environment should be discussed while to make changes and to seek care with the implementation of new individuals without the worry of their origin , adaptation and competitions with the environment. Respect nature to have a healthy environment.


Keyword: Casuarina sp; invasive species; competitiveness.

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