Physical and chemical analysis for structural soil research of Arvoredos Island, SP - Brazil

Erika Elis Kuo, Marcio de Morais Tavares, Aldo Arouca, Willys Ank de Morais


Strategic points of soils were analyzed in order to study the possible contamination of rainwater by diffusivity, kept in existing reservoirs on the island of Arvoredos, located in Guaruja, coast of São Paulo, Brazil. The procedure began with preparation of the samples (homogenization and quartering), followed by physical analysis (particle size and moisture). Characterization was performed by fluorescence spectrometry X-ray and by atomic absorption spectrometry. Sulfur concentrations were quantified by combustion furnace and ash and volatile matter by TGA (Thermogravimetric Analyzer). The analyzes in -X-ray showed chemical composition of clay soil with high SiO2 and Al2O3 concentrations and those in the combustion equipment shown sulfur concentrations lower than 0.03%. The results were negative for heavy metals or other element that could compromise the potability of the water contained in the tanks used for these purposes.

Keywords: Soil, X-ray, Atomic Absorption, Thermogravimetry.

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