Characterization of water quality from the urban drainage channel of Santos (São Paulo, Brazil)

Fabio Reis Coelho, Aldo Ramos Santos, Fernando Sanzi Cortez, Fabio Hermes Posceddu, Walber Thoma, Luciana Lopes Guimaraes


The channels are responsible for the flow of rainwater to the sea but, there are some factors that affect the water quality flowing in these channels which may compromise the bathing beaches of Santos. The present study aims to characterize the water quality of the seven urban drainage channel of Santos (São Paulo, Brazil), before reaching the sea, through some physical-chemicals parameters: pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen and temperature. Chronic toxicity tests with Lytechinus variegatus, determination of total coliforms/Escherichia coli and surfactants were also performed with the samples. The results, obtained through the parameters analyzed, suggest a contribution of underground sewage, affecting the quality of water channels Santos.


Water quality, channels of Santos, ecotoxicology.

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