Unisanta BioScience

ISSN 2317-1111

The electronic journal Unisanta BioScience is published every six months at the University Santa Cecilia - Unisanta.

Its purpose is to spread the knowledge generated in the field of Biology and Ecology, serving both as a teaching tool and source of academic research, bringing information for teachers and students of the scientific community.

The diversity of topics accepted and covered by the magazine enables broad coverage of issues within the life sciences, specifically those related to the environment.

The electronic journal Unisanta BioScience combines ease of access and submission of scientific papers with a prompt response to publication and broad-reach dissemination of the material submitted, since it is currently indexed by the system OJS (Open Journal System).






Vol 13, No 2 (2024): Published by: ISESC Instituto Superior de Educação Santa Cecília

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ISSN: 2317-1111