Vol 4, No 1 (2015)

Published by: Universidade Santa Cecilia (ISESC)

Table of Contents


Production of litterfall in a grove of mangrove in São Sebastião – (SP): preliminary assessment PDF
Rubia Grazielle Valadares, Matheus Mano Clara, João Marcos Miragaia Schmiegelow 1-9
Comparison of the Importance Indices between two species of mangrove in the coast of São Paulo-SP PDF
Barbara Gomes Del Rey, Gabriela Campos Zeineddine, Nathalia Zantut Troncoso Orlandi, Vitória Arantes Arruda Azevedo, Rogério Martins, Fábio Giordano, Mara Magenta 10-15
Evaluation of Escherichia coli as marker of sewage in estuarine systems: case study in two tributaries of the Bertioga channel (Sao Paulo coast – Brazil). PDF
Bruno O. Sutti, Luciana Lopes Guimarães, João Marcos Miragaia Schmiegelow, Roberto Pereira Borges 16-21
Analysis of morphological grouping of gender Philodendron (Araceae) PDF
Priscila Candido Baroni, Barbara Gomes Del Rey, Renato Prudêncio, Fabio Giordano 22-27
Identification of the tree structure to obtain new indices for implementation of environmental compensation in the installation of small businesses in Sao Vicente / SP. PDF
Norberto Gomes Vieira 28-32
Environmental sustainability and the real estate expansion in the city of Santos-SP: a diagnosis on their green areas PDF
Patricia Veloso D'Andréa, Fabio Giordano 33-37
Physico-chemical characterization of soil samples in areas of savanna (cerrado and vereda) in the Catulé River region in Bonito Minas-MG. PDF
Idemar M. Passos, V N de Sousa, D. D. Pacheco, H. R. F. Silva 38-47
Benthic Chlorophyta on the rocky shore of the Beach Tombo, south coast of São Paulo PDF
Adriana Cristina Guizardi, Karina Amaral Azevedo, André Luís Faccini 48-66

ISSN: 2317-1111