Agenda 21: sustaintability and environmental education – a case study on the environmental perception about Lenheiros River-Santos/SP.

Thais Ressurreição, Fabio Giordano, Mariana Clauzet


The Lenheiros River, a water course about 1,7 miles long is strongly anthropized and located in Santos-SP. It was studied from July 2011 to February 2012, aiming to characterize its ecological situation and to provide an action on Environmental Education to a public school students group, that lives and works in the vicinity of the study site. The results of water quality showed high concentrations of toxic ammonia, low concentration of oxygen and acid pH showing signs of a domestic sewage-contaminated environment. It was detected a great awareness of the participating students, who followed all the stages of the process of Environmental Education, while those who did not participate in field activities brought benefits, relatively less noticeable for the dissemination of the concept of preservation.

Key words: Environmental education, Sustainability, Agenda 21, Environment.

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