A chef caiçara: miscegenation in this luxury gastronomy

Cynthia Luderer


This article aims to analyze the media interests by producing a culinary chef caiçara who served on the northern coast of São Paulo and had marks crossbred derived from its food culture. Information was proceeded from literature, field and documentary and brings in support of mestizaje studies and theories of discourse analysis of the media. The Brazilian communities that developed on the coast of Paraná, São Paulo and southern Rio de Janeiro are recognized as caiçaras. They were isolated from the plateau by the Atlantic Forest, a great natural wall, which contributed to that there is to save own eating habits. With new roads and speculation on the northern coast of São Paulo, the region began to be sought by people with high purchasing power who keep their second homes there, promoting the site, contributing to tourism development and also gastronomic ..

Keywords: caiçara; chef; mestizaje.

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