The use of distance learning as a supporting tool to the learning of English language, for users working with logistics

Claudia Lucas Galante, Elisa Ferreira Araújo, Marcelo Pereira Bergamaschi


This article aims to present a supporting tool to the learning of English language for the professionals who work with Logistics by presenting situations commonly used on a daily basis.

The form of learning which was selected is LMS (Learning Management System) which has the advantage of promoting scheduling flexibility, study time management, learning independence/autonomy and promotion of permanent education and it represents an extra step and convenience for the professional. Another interesting aspect is that some barriers are broken such as demographic, timing, cultural and social, that is, the more time the student has, the fastest he will learn; more effort he makes, more reward he will gain. In order to obtain success in this kind of learning, it is necessary to be compromised and have one’s expectations fulfilled in terms of learning and also what needs to be acquired so as to provide better performance. This tool has, as its main attractions, games, exercises, interviews and videos which ensure entertainment for all age groups, in short, everything so as to assimilate the content you were exposed, in an easy and quick manner.

Key words: Logistics, English, Distance Education (EaD), Virtual environment.


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