Wanda Schumann Racanicchi, Robson Bastos, Fabio Giordano


This article is based on the issue of environmental sustainability, on the mistaken ideas of the term happiness and on the contradictory way as man treats nature. Furthermore, this study aims to demonstrate the need for an analytical and investigative journalism to inform and educate people about the size of the environmental crisis that will arise in future generations if humans continue with their attitudes of indifference and abuse of the environment. As to whether humanity lives correctly in order to use the natural course of the planet, just look at the recent records and these are not good. The human being is at economic, political or social war. There are many diseases that arise from lack of basic care and rampant development, and sometimes unnecessary because it meets just the need to some. The only alternative to reverse this situation is to improve education. We must seek science and technology for the individual to live in a better standard, without interfering in nature or in the life of his fellow human being. It is essential to think of a better future for generations to come, taking care of plants, animals and men with love; study the natural boundaries to which the answer is not shortages and turbulence. If each human being casts the democratic look to others and come up with a sustainable environmental present, automatically the actions will improve and there will be a satisfactory life for all, today and tomorrow. It becomes difficult to find peace where there is no sustainability.

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