Ana Carolina C. Senger, Marilia Milanani Xavier, Maria Jose Silva


This article presents a discussion on the teaching of art in preschool that in addition to embrace all other areas of knowledge encompasses all cognitive, social and psychological area of children, bringing a more critical and perceptive vision to the reality that surrounds . It aims to reflect on the importance of working with art in preschool, as well as their contribution to child development and enabling a look that give real value to art education, seen as a form of communication and expression of thoughts and child's feelings. The result of this study is to point out the contribution that art offers to the cognitive development of children, and provide her a world of reading and of itself. The teacher should respect the process of individual creation of each child, so their thought, imagination, perception, intuition, sensitivity and child cognition should be worked out in an integrated manner in order to promote the development of their creative abilities.

keywords: arts, child development, preschool; teacher

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